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Massage Mag Creator
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Many years of clinical research in Japan has gone into the design and creation of Nikken’s magnets, and they work very well. The one specific, magnetic massage tool that dr. Nelson recommends for practicing which made by Nikken it’s a Mag Creator, a beautifully designed massage tool made with heavy duty roller bearings, build to last.

The Mag Creator is wonderful massage tool that makes use conventional massage techniques and revolutionary technologies to give you an extremely satisfying experience after a long, hard day. The Mag Creator is a perfect solution for you if you are looking for a product that provides relief from sore muscles, tension, discomfort and stress. It has been specially designed to roll fluidly down the spinal column and soothe tied, tense muscles. I’s structural bearings and stainless steel shaft are engineered to produce a continuous rolling action from the shoulders to the lower back, maximizing the effect that a back massage provides. The Nikken Magnetic Technology used by theĀ Mag Creator is specially engineered to simulate the magnetic field properties of the Earth, the natural habitat for human beings for thousands of years.

“I believe that the Nikken Magnets are well worth the modest investment required. And I use them to release trapped emotions”.

You may visit for the news about “The Emotion Code”.

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